Student Graduation Speech

Hello everyone my name is Jenny.

I am a student from Jamie’s Cert 4 class.

I would like to congratulate all the students from the Cert 4 and the Diploma students on their year of hard work and also on your graduation today.

On behalf of my fellow class members and the Diploma students we all would like to thank Jamie, Chris, Rachael, Prue and anyone else who has helped us in anyway who I have not mentioned.

Thank you for your guidance, encouragement and empowerment you have all instilled in each one of us.

There were times when some of us thought the course was to hard, you all taught us to believe in ourselves, that we can do it and we soldiered on and here we are today.

Best of luck to the students who have continued on into the Diploma and also to the ones who have headed into other directions. Good luck to all the new Cert 4 students.

How proud we all feel not only with our own achievements but also with each other. We have made beautiful friendships and I feel our class is like a family with Jamie as the one we all look up to.

Thank you so much Jamie for everything you have done for each one of us and your stories about yourself have been inspiring and also the stories you have shared about all the people you have worked with threw out your career. It just shows what people mean to you. We look forward to being your students once again.

What a wonderful organisation Partners in Training is. I recommend this organisation to anyone who is thinking of studying. There is no other training organisation as good as this one. This one is the best.

Chris we would like to thank you for all your hard work you do to keep Partners in Training up and going, we love the way you get Jamie jumping and to do what he is told.

Rachael – Thank you for all your admin work and keeping in touch with us all in what we need to do.

Prue – Thank you for all your help with our students, you show us direction when we are stuck or loosing our way. You always have time for each one of us. You are very much appreciated.

We would like to thank Partners in Training CEO Paul Cavicchia for coming all this way today to see the great achievements we have all made and being with us on our graduation.

To the Mayor of the Wellington Shire, Counsellor Carolyn Crossley thank you so much for coming today, we value the wonderful support Partners in Training and the students receive from yourself and the Wellington Shire.

Thank you to all our family and friends for coming today to share with us our graduation.

From myself and all the students we hope we have made you all proud of us.

Thank you.