Learning at Partners in Training

Partners in Training offer their students and clients a real and positive learning experience. At Partners in Training we care about you and work in partnership with you to meet your desired outcomes.

Our classes are personalised to your needs to provide you with an environment where you can achieve your personal best. We offer you a safe, supportive and caring learning environment to support your learning experience. Our trainers are vibrant and engaging and skilled to meet the most current standards of their industry. The scheduled classes provide an opportunity to further your knowledge and practical skills, to interact with like-minded people and form long lasting friendships.

Work placement is usually a mandatory requirement for most of our Community Services and Health courses. Partners in Training’s extensive networks with industry ensure a rewarding practical experience. We match our students to the workplace organisation to maximise your development and to provide you with opportunities that may lead to ongoing and meaningful employment.

We are often asked how you can continue to work and juggle the demands of family whilst sustaining studies. Partners in Training can facilitate your access to learning whilst still prioritising your work and family commitments by offering you a variety of study options that are accessible, flexible and affordable.

Partners in Training have extensive experience in the Community Services and Health industries. We pride ourselves on being an industry preferred provider. We not only engage with students and clients who wish to gain a new qualification but with existing workers who wish to upskill or develop their professional capacity.


Partners in Training pride itself on offering engaging face to face training which is supported by profile Industry workplaces, state of the art learning management system, high quality resources and training methodologies, Industry current trainers and assessors and active student support. We believe that this offers the best learning environment for our students, enabling active interaction and enthusiastic discussion with trainers and peers. We are also advocates of giving our students practical skills experience. We do this by providing simulated work environments and practical workplace experience. This ensures that our students are confident in the workplace and job ready. If you chose to upskill in the industry in which you are currently working, your workplace becomes part of your learning environment because Partners in Training recognises your workplace skills and knowledge. Our trainers and assessors take on the responsibility of mentoring students and contextualising their coursework with real world applications.


Partners in Training is an Australian owned business with a strong sense of community and family values. We treat our students, employees and clients as part of our extended family and we invest in you. We measure our success on your success.


We recognise the need to be responsive to our students, clients and industry needs. We know your decision to undertake study is not entered into lightly. We know that once that decision is made, you are motivated and keen to get going. Partners in Training offer courses on demand and not just at particular times of the year. We endeavour to act to deliver:

  • Timely services to individuals and businesses
  • Finding solutions to employers training needs
  • Removing learning barriers

Innovation and Creativity

  • Supporting innovation in teaching and learning
  • Fostering innovation in conduct of educational business
  • Actively encouraging new ideas and new solutions to community problems


  • Setting clear key performance standards throughout the organisation
  • Requiring transparent performance reporting on all key elements of the RTO
  • Ensuring all staff take responsibility for delivering outcomes
  • Ensuring efficient and effective use of student resources


  • Offering programs and services for individuals through a variety of teaching methodologies Recognising and responding to the diverse learning needs of our customers
  • Partnering with appropriate organisations to provide holistic services regardless of individual circumstances
  • Our staff are customer focused where all stakeholders are not just a number

QUALITY STATEMENT - teaching and Learning

Partners in Training Australia, outlines the development, monitoring, review and continuous improvement of training processes and policies to ensure compliance with VET Standards (2015) within applicable national and state regulatory frameworks and alignment with best teaching and learning practice.

We apply a continuous improvement approach to our overall business methodology, procedures, demonstrated through engagement in internal reviews, internal and external audits and feedback instruments.

Partners in Training Australia are a low risk provider (ASQA) registered with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, with a low risk rating from the Department of Education Victoria 2016.


Achieving the outcomes to work with many different stakeholders and pursue specific objectives relevant to each stakeholder group is a goal and target for our organisation.

Provide a dynamic learning environment where students are learning for real job outcomes and lifelong learning

Ensure graduates have the skills needed for existing and emerging industries and that our health care and community training meets Australia’s current and future needs as forecast by the Training and Skills Commission

Meet accountability and compliance and regulatory requirements through solid governance and leadership. Contribute to the achievement of training for the community through government training initiatives and programs

Contribute to sustainable and prosperous communities through upskilling, skills deepening, skills widening and job ready graduates.

Provide high quality, qualified and industry current staff that supports and develops a positive learning experience.