Working with industry

Partners in Training Australia train predominately within the Health and Community Services industries. According to the Community Services and Health Industry Skills Council, the Health and Community Services industries are the fastest growing industries in Australia. Over the past decade these industries have grown at a rate of 3.8% each year compared with 2% across all other industries. Health and Community Services industries are forecasted to offer one in four new jobs until 2018. These statistics reflect the growth and evolution of these industries which demand the development of skilled workers.

Partners in Training pride itself on being abreast of industry needs. We deliver training that reflects the requirements and expectations of industry and integrates knowledge with hands on experience. Our approach to training ensures our graduates are job ready.

Partners in Training understand that training has to be flexible to meet the varied and diverse needs of an organisation, stakeholders and the community. We work in collaboration with our partners to tailor our training to meet their needs and adapt quickly to address the progressive nature of industries.

Working with schools

Partners in Training Australia work in partnership with schools throughout Victoria to bring alternative training opportunities to school based students. The demand and need for alternative education programs for young learners is increasing. We believe that young learners deserve the right to access education and aim to provide young learners with genuine career pathways and opportunities. If a senior school aged student is interested in kick starting their career or a pathway to university, we will provide them with the advice they need to get ahead. We are invested in providing the best outcomes for each student.

We currently work with many schools to assist in the running of career nights and host seminars for students to inform them of their diverse training options. We have developed relationships with a range of schools across the state and tailor our services to suit the needs of both the school and their students.

Partners in Training has a number of user friendly models which compliment traditional senior secondary education, including our School Based Apprentices and Traineeships (SBAT) Program and our VET in Schools (VETiS) Program.


Our School Based Apprentices and Traineeships (SBAT) Program is designed to give a senior secondary student a head start in developing employability skills and professional networks in the Community Services, Health and Business industries.

The SBAT Program provides a senior secondary school student over the age of 15 with the opportunity to work and study while completing their secondary schooling and studying for their VCE or VCAL. Your traineeship under the SBAT Program will contribute directly towards your VCE or VCAL schooling and results, with some qualifications attracting a 10% bonus to your ATAR score.

As part of the SBAT Program, you commit to paid work within an organisation. Throughout the school year from February to October, you will combine 6 hours of study with Partners in Training Australia and 7 hours of paid work with an employer per week to achieve a nationally recognised Certificate III qualification. This transitions you straight into the workforce to kick start your career or provides further study pathways. After you complete the SBAT Program, you could work in a range of organisations depending on the qualification you complete, including in a childcare centre, an aged care facility or an office, whilst undertaking your tertiary studies. This is just one of the benefits of gaining a nationally recognised qualification while still at school.

The qualifications currently offered at Partners in Training as part of the SBAT Program include:

  • CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • BSB30115 Certificate III in Business
  • CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)
  • HLT33015 Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance
  • CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support

For more information on our SBAT Programs, please download our SBAT Guide.

In-house training

Partners in Training Australia specialise in providing in-house training to a range of organisations with training tailored to meet their individual needs and requirements. We provide current and relevant customised programs to meet mandated industry requirements or an organisation’s professional development needs.

We can help you identify training needs for your organisation so that your staff have the most current and up to date skills within industry.

The in-house training provided by Partners in Training includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Manual handling
  • First Aid
  • CPR
  • Communication
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Cultural awareness training
  • Medications endorsement for enrolled nurses
  • Diabetes education
  • Dementia care
  • Palliative care
  • Risk of falls

Access to accredited training on site offers many benefits to your organisation including:

  • Minimal disruption to daily organisational practice
  • Access to traineeship incentives for employers (note eligibility criteria applies)
  • Customised delivery that incorporates an organisation’s policies, procedures, values and philosophy
  • Flexible and blended delivery options to enhance access to training

We provide current, experienced and qualified trainers. Our trainers are industry experts and keep up-to-date within their progressive industries through ongoing industry engagement, with many of our trainers continuing to work in their industries whilst they train.

Partners in Training endeavour to at all times to deliver affordable, quality training with an industry focus and flexibility to cater to the demands of the workplace.