Dementia Simulation Activity

Last week, our CHC43015 Certificate IV in Ageing Support students commenced their CHCAGE005 unit; Provide support to people living with dementia.

As a part of this unit, it is important for our students to understand how debilitating Dementia can be for the elderly residents that they will be caring for. In this simulation, students were given rubber gloves containing rice, pebbles to put in their shoes, blackout goggles so their vision was impaired, tape around their fingers to simulate arthritis, and earbuds that played sounds to mimic what people with dementia are hearing constantly. Students were then instructed to complete a few simple tasks in our Nursing Lab, including setting the table, making the bed, or folding the clothes.

Many students found this very difficult, and no one was able to remember or complete all the tasks that were asked of them. It was an eye opening experience for many of our students who now can begin to understand the difficulty people with dementia face each day.

Many of our students found it quite a debilitating experience. Even our trainers, Penny and Chris, decided to get involved. “It felt disempowering, it felt as if you’d lost your marbles, and you felt so intimidated by it all”, Chris explained after she undertook the simulation. Meghan, our student, described the experience as “frustrating and hard, and annoying”. Check out their feedback below:

Chris Bird, Lead Educator, discussing her experience undergoing the Dementia simulation

Meghan, student in Aged Care, discussing what she did in the simulation as well as what it felt like

If you would like to find out more information about Dementia, head to this website: