Our Team

Dorothy Spain Director

Dot is the sole Director of Partners in Training Australia and has extensive experience in the education sector, spanning over thirty years across both secondary and vocational education and training. Dot began Partners in Training so that she could provide affordable, flexible and accessible educational opportunities to the wider community. Dot is passionate about seeing people build meaningful careers.

Paul Cavicchia Chief Executive Officer

Paul is a fully qualified tertiary teacher and educational leader with over 16 years’ experience in education. He is very highly qualified and has lectured and taught in universities, dual sector TAFE and held senior governance roles in educational leadership. Paul is an expert in the provision of adult learning and Vocational Education and Training (VET) where he has published work in blended learning, VET pedagogy, the global VET landscape and has developed (his own original work) teaching and learning model for e-learning. Currently Paul is undertaking his PhD in Education at the highest level and leads all Academic governance for Partners in Training Australia. His passion and commitment to learning and is a highly respected mentor for all staff.

Christine HarrisonCampus Manager - Gippsland

Chris has been a valued member of the Partners in Training Australia team since its inception. Chris has built the Gippsland arm of the organisation and operates a successful and humble operation with her passionate team. Chris has vast experience in the aged care industry as well as extensive experience in sales, business development and management. Her passion and commitment to the community and learner outcomes makes Chris one or the Pillars of Partners in Training Australia.

Cindy Fitzsimmons Student Administration Manager

Cindy Fitzsimmons manages the entire student administration cycle across Partners in Training’s operations. With more than eight years at Partners in Training, Cindy has sound knowledge and skills with government and private administrative processes in the management of student files and support. Cindy has a commitment to student outcomes and success and is a very well respected team member who goes the extra mile in student satisfaction.